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Hi, I'm Jessica! I am a Boston-based wedding invitation and stationery designer with a severe case of wanderlust. I love that my job allows me to create unique and custom designs for clients all over the world.

I am a color connoisseur, floral fanatic and a lover of all patterns. If money grew on trees, I would travel the world and run a marathon in every state and continent! I feel more at home in a J.Crew blazer than in a pair of lululemon pants. I crave adventure, and meatballs are by far my favorite food group.

I come from a family with a long line of small business owners. After graduating college, I joined the corporate world but always longed to be my very own #girlboss. After many years of feeling uncreative, I started designing personalized notecards for friends. As our lives evolved, those notecards eventually turned into custom wedding invitations. After many trials and tribulations, I knew the wedding industry was where I wanted to be. It was then when I realized I needed to be fearless in the pursuit on what set my soul on fire. I took a risk and followed my dreams.

Jessica K Feiden Photography_Wedding Invite-1.jpg